I'm Voting YES to scrap the HST.


All concepts and images are used as parody and fair crtiticism of the province of BC’s $7 million one-sided pro-HST advertising campaign. The B.C. Federation of Labour campaign is intended to bring balance to the debate, by ensuring all facts about the HST are known.

Families pay more and big business pays nothing.

Under the PST, businesses such as doorcare and individuals pay BC sales tax. 
Under the 10% HST, individuals pay $1.3 billion more BC sales tax and big businesses pay as much as $2 billion less

Premier Clark's HST promises could mean $1.6 billion in cuts.

"Cutting the HST by one point is more than $800 million out of the budget this year and every year after, $1.6 billion for a two-point cut...we're going to have $1.6 billion fewer heart operations, special-needs teachers, school facilities, hospital emergency rooms."
CHRISTY CLARK, March 2011 explaining that she wouldn't cut the HST rate from 12% to 10% because it would force cuts to health and education.

The BC Liberals changing story and slick ads can't hide the real facts.

FACT: 10% HST costs families $1.3 billion more than 7% PST because the HST applies to far more items, including new homes.
FACT: ONE-TIME rebate cheques only go to families with children, and won't ever cover the cost of increases for most families.
FACT: When the temporary corporate tax increase ends as early as next year, big business gets another $600 million.

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